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All on 4 Dental Implants | Karingal Denture Clinic

Implant dentures use anchor points to be held in place. These anchor points are placed in the front lower or upper jaw.

All on 4 is another term used for implant dentures as all four dentures are fixed to the bone and don’t move once in place. All on 4 / implant dentures can be removed for cleaning. The benefit of implant dentures is they can easily be removed for cleaning and enhance the structure of your face.


Special Dentures

Typical of such special needs is when all or most of your teeth need to be extracted. Before you go to your dentist to have this done, we make up a set of 'immediate dentures'.

These temporary dentures are designed to be fitted during your extraction appointment, providing a hygienic covering for the wounds while providing teeth to maintain the normal look of your mouth.

Your immediate denture protects your mouth and helps you keep your confidence in your appearance and speech.

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